Enrollment Dashboard

Enrollment by student level, gender, ethnicity, college, department, full/part-time and more.

Program Enrollment Dashboard

Explore detailed program enrollment data by major or CIP.

Major Change Sankey Diagram - Under review...

Visualizing first-time, full-time, degree-seeking cohorts by first major across time.

PDF Enrollment Reports

Access commonly requested enrollment reports.

UNC System Office Enrollment Dashboard

Explore enrollment trends at UNCG and across the UNC system.

Credit Hours Dashboard

Explore credit hours by course level, funding status, and more.

Grade Distribution Dashboard

Explore grade distribution by course college/school, department, and more.

DFW Rate Dashboard

Analyze courses with grades of D, F, and W by course college/school, department, faculty, and more.

PDF Course Reports

Access commonly requested course reports.

Retention & Graduation Dashboard

Explore retention and graduation data by first-time in college and transfer populations.

PDF Retention & Graduation Reports - Coming soon...

Access commonly requested retention & graduation reports.

UNC System Office Graduation/Persistence Dashboard

Compare graduation and persistence rates across the UNC System.

Applications Dashboard - Coming soon...

Includes admissions metrics about applicants, admits, and enrolled students.

PDF Application Reports - Coming soon...

Access commonly requested application reports.

UNC System Office Freshmen Admissions and Performance Dashboard

Detailed admissions and performance information about high school graduates pursuing degrees at UNCG and other UNC universities.

Degrees/Completions Dashboard

Explore completions (degrees/certificates) by degree level, degree and more. This dashboard allows aggregation at the student, degree/certificate, or major level.

PDF Degrees/Completions Reports - Coming soon...

Access commonly requested degrees/completions reports.

UNC System Office Degrees Dashboard

Degrees awarded at UNC System schools by level of degree, field of study, and demographics.

Military-Affiliated Student Dashboard

Explore multiple metrics specific to military-affiliated students.

Transfer Student Dashboard

Explore multiple metrics specific to transfer students.

UNC System Office New Transfer Students Dashboard

Examine trends in transfer student enrollment, first-year performance, and graduation rates.