Karen Blackwell

Interim Director
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Expertise in Cohort Studies, Student Data Files, SAS Programming, Data Analysis and Reporting.

Kathy Baker

Research Associate
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Responsible for budget/personnel matters, office matters, internal/external surveys, data analysis and data report requests.

Mark Davenport, PhD

Senior Research Associate
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Responsible for Personnel Data File reporting, expertise in data mining, statistical research, and visualization.

Suzanne Dellinger

IT Business Intelligence / Data Analyst II
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Responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion dashboards, Ad Hoc data analysis and report development.

Kelly Fei

B & T Applications Analyst
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Responsible for IR office data warehouse, internal and external survey reporting, common data set, and ad hoc tasks . Expertise in database including but not limited to SAS and SQL languages.

Dana Zhang

B & T Applications Analyst
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Expertise in Factbook, Student Data, Personnel Data report, and data visualization.