Three academic years of summary and detail data at the departmental level for enrollment, credit hours, degrees, and instructional faculty.
Updated through Spring 2024

College of Arts & Sciences

African Amer/African Diaspora (AAD)PDFExcel
Dean’s Office – AS (AAS)PDFExcel
Anthropology (ATY)PDFExcel
Biology (BIO)PDFExcel
Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHE)PDFExcel
Classical Studies (CLA)PDFExcel
Computer Science (CMP)PDFExcel
Communication Studies (CST)PDFExcel
English (ENG)PDFExcel
Geography Environment Sustain (GES+GEO)PDFExcel
Global Studies (GLS+IGS)PDFExcel
History (HIS)PDFExcel
Informatics and Analytics (IAN)PDFExcel
Interior Architecture (IAR)PDFExcel
Languages, Lit and Cultures (LLC)PDFExcel
Liberal/Prof Studies (LPS)PDFExcel
Applied Arts and Sciences (MAS)PDFExcel
Media Studies (MST)PDFExcel
Mathematics and Statistics (MTH)PDFExcel
Philosophy (PHI)PDFExcel
Physics and Astronomy (PHY)PDFExcel
Integrated Prof Studies (PRO)PDFExcel
Political Science (PSC)PDFExcel
Psychology (PSY)PDFExcel
Religious Studies (REL)PDFExcel
Sociology (SOC)PDFExcel
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS)PDFExcel

School of Business & Economics

Accounting and Finance (ACF)PDFExcel
Dean’s Office – BE (BAE)PDFExcel
Consumer Apparel-Retail Stds (CRS)PDFExcel
Economics (ECO)PDFExcel
Info Sys and Supply Chn Mngmt (IMS)PDFExcel
Management (MNT)PDFExcel

School of Education

Counseling and Edu Development (CED)PDFExcel
Ed Ldrship and Cultural Found (ELC)PDFExcel
Ed Research Methodology (ERM)PDFExcel
Teacher Educ and Higher Educ (HED)PDFExcel
Library & Information Science (LIS)PDFExcel
Info/Library/Research/Science (LRS)PDFExcel
Specialized Education Services (SES)PDFExcel

School of Nursing

Nursing (NUR)PDFExcel

Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

Nanoscience (JNN+NSN)PDFExcel

Health and Human Sciences

Comm Sciences and Disorders (CSD)PDFExcel
Community and Therapeutic Rec (CTR)PDFExcel
Genetic Counseling (GEN)PDFExcel
Human Devlp and Family Studies (HDF)PDFExcel
Dean’s Office – HH (HHS)PDFExcel
Kinesiology (KIN)PDFExcel
Nutrition (NTR)PDFExcel
Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS)PDFExcel
Public Health Education (PHE)PDFExcel
Social Work (SWK)PDFExcel


Birth Through Kindergarten (BKI)PDFExcel
Comp Trans and Post-Sec Edu (CTP)PDFExcel
Graduate Studies (GST)PDFExcel
Health Management (HEM)PDFExcel
International Program Center (IPG)PDFExcel
Undergraduate Studies (UST)PDFExcel
UNC Exchange (UNCX)PDFExcel

College Visual/Performing Arts

School of Art (ART)PDFExcel
School of Dance (DCE)PDFExcel
School of Music (MUS+MUE+MUP)PDFExcel
School of Theatre (THE)PDFExcel
Dean’s Office – VP (VPA)PDFExcel
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