Data Request

How to Submit A Ticket

   Submit a Request through Service Now

Please click here to submit a request through Service Now. Fill in the required fields and as many optional fields as possible and we'll get right to work on your request.

   Service Now

   Via Phone or Email

If you contact any of our staff directly, we will submit the request form for you. Staff telephone and email information is available in the UNCG Directory.

Services Available Through The Portal

   View Open Requests

If you are logged into the 6-Tech portal at Service Now, you can view your currently open requests with both ITS and Institutional Research. From here you can select any of your open requests and submit comments to the assigned analysts or technician.

   Communication tools

We'll respond to your request regularly to keep you aware of the status. When we're done, you'll receive an email indicating your request has been closed. If you have any questions about your request, even after we've closed it, you can reply to the last email to reopen that request. If you have a new request, please submit that using our OIRE Request Form.

   Knowledge Base Solutions

We are adding articles to our Knowledge Base in the 6-Tech portal available here: Knowledge Base. Just search for a topic to see what resources are there. We are also adding many reports and resources for routinely requested information to our website at Please let us know if you can't find what you are looking for!