NCES/CEEB Code Crosswalk

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To the user: I have pulled these data from many different sources. Beginning with a list of CEEB codes, school names, and locations, I matched to sources that provided both a CEEB and a NCES number. When NCES number did not exist, I matched on school name and location. Latitude and longitude were created using SAS's PROC GEOCODE.

Where data are missing, I found no name/location match on the NCES number lookup sites:
For public schools:
For private schools:

The NCES numbering system for private schools is an enigma. I have provided numbers and locations when I could find them. LEAID and related data are not shown for private schools as the code does not appear to follow the same pattern as for public schools.

I have been assembling this table little-by-little for several years now and offer it publicly 'as is', with no guarantees for accuracy. If you find errors, please let me know. I will be making regular corrections and additions as needed. Your suggestions for improving this table would be greatly appreciated. Corrections, additions, comments, and question can be directed here:

I really have no right to copyright any of this work and request only that you reference it if you find it useful.

Mark Davenport PhD
Sr Research Associate
Office of Institutional Research
University of North Carolina at Greensboro