Office of Institutional Research



OPENS Monday, March 2th, 2020

CLOSES Monday, March 30th, 2020

The Spring 2020 Instructional Analysis Reports are now available for review.

The Instructional Analysis reports are prepared in advance of the Delaware Cost Study, which is an annual, national study of instructional costs and faculty workload that UNCG participates in along with the rest of the UNC System.

Each report is an Excel file with three tabs containing data:

  1. Course Listing
  2. This tab shows all courses being taught in the department, crosslist codes if applicable, who is teaching each course, and each instructor’s percent of responsibility.

    If you need to change instructor information or crosslist information about a course, please send a detailed email to Include the Course ID, the CRN, the Instructor name and Banner ID, and directions for actions needed.

  3. Instructors and Courses
  4. On this tab, you will see instructor and course detail for faculty and GTAs in your department.

    If you need to change faculty details such as rank, e-class, tenure status, FTE, research buyout, or professorship reduction, please contact the EPA HR Office,, and submit the appropriate change request. This may involve a Title Change EPAF, PD-7, or Labor Distribution Change EPAF.

  5. Summary by Delaware Faculty Category
  6. This tab represents summary metrics of all the Instructor and Course data from the previous tab.

    Each tab includes a URL link to the Notes and Explanations document where you will find terms, definitions, and FAQs.

    The data in the Instructional Analysis Reports represent course and instructor information as currently identified in the system of record, Banner.
    Any changes to these data must be conducted by personnel in the university offices with direct responsibility and authority for these data, the University Registrar’s Office and Faculty Personnel Services.
    This process ensures that Banner data is up-to-date.

The deadline for completing this process is March 30th, 2020.
Please notify the Office of Institutional Research when you are finished reviewing your report.
After all reports have been reviewed and data is corrected in Banner, a final version of these reports will be prepared and placed in this same secure web directory.

Contact Kathy Baker ( in the Office of Institutional Research.