Office of Institutional Research

UNC Greensboro Key Performance Indicators

The UNC Greensboro KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard is designed to assist you in reviewing and sharing UNCG’s progress in multiple arenas. Click the links below to view and download visuals of our success metrics over the past three years. When possible, we provide information to compare our performance with system and national peer institutions. This information is compiled by the Office of Institutional Research and will be updated each fall.




Percent Discount

Student Debt

Percentage of Students Pell Eligible

Mean Net Academic Cost

Mean Total Academic Cost Breakdown

Enrollment by Classification

Face to Face vs. Online Enrollment

IPEDS Peer Institution Report

For first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates by ethnicity

First-year persistence rate

Four-year graduation rate

Six-year graduation rates

Six-year composite graduation and persistence rates

Four-year graduation rate for community college transfer students

Number of graduates in health sciences, K-12 education, and STEM program

Time to degree: years that elapsed between a new freshman and graduation

Four- and six-year graduation rates for low income students

Graduating Senior Survey Questions

Total Faculty by Ethnicity

Total Faculty by Gender

Tenure Stream Faculty by Ethnicity

Tenure Stream Faculty by Gender

Faculty/Student Ratio

External Funding Awards by Type


Enrollment by School and Department

Completion by School and Department


Enrollment by School and Department

Completion by School and Department

5 Year Graduation Rate

5 Year Graduation Rate by Granting Institution

Critical Workforces Completion Summary

Critical Workforces Completion by School and Department

Research Productivity

Undergraduate Degree Efficiency Summary

Undergraduate Degree Efficiency by School and Department

Total Health and Wellness-related External Research Funding

Academic Distinction as Measured by External Recognition

Academic Distinction as Measured by Rankings

Post-completion Placement of Graduates

Museum Attendance and Collection Size