Our Staff

Larry Mayes, PhD

Associate Vice Provost and Director

Email: ldmayes@uncg.edu

Sarah Carrigan, PhD

Associate Director for Data Analytics and Visualization

Email: sdcarrig@uncg.edu

Expertise in enrollment planning and projections, program review, academic assessment, retention, institutional effectiveness, and strategic planning.

Bill Zhang, PhD

Associate Director of Operations and External Reporting

Email: wbzhang@uncg.edu

Expertise in strategic planning, enrollment projections, outcome assessment, predictive modeling, retention and graduation statistics, data warehousing, and reporting and analytics.

Karen Blackwell

Assistant Director

Email: karen_blackwell@uncg.edu

Expertise in Cohort Studies, Surveys, Student Data Files, and Ad Hoc requests.

Samantha Bradley

Business & Technology Applications Analyst

Email: srbradle@uncg.edu

Expertise in SAS programming, Student Data Files, and econometrics.

Mitzi Cartwright

Office Manager

Email: m_cartwr@uncg.edu

Responsible for internal/external surveys, Instructional Analysis Reports, Web Reports, and Budget/Personnel matters.

Mark Davenport, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Email: m_davenport@uncg.edu

Responsible for Personnel Data File reporting, expertise in data mining, statistical research, and visualization.

Yutong Guan

Business & Technology Applications Technician

Email: y_guan@uncg.edu

Responsible for web development.

Alice Herring

Business & Technology Applications Technician

Email: alice.herring@uncg.edu

Expertise in Student Data Mart, National Institution Surveys, and Freshdesk Request System Administration.

Dana Zhang

Business & Technology Applications Analyst

Email: ddzhang@uncg.edu

Expertise in Factbook, Student Data, Personnel Data report, and data visualization.

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