Student Data Profile

The Student Data Profile is a queryable database, allowing for the creation of customized tables. Data is displayed at the school and university level initially and can be further drilled down to the department and major level.

1. Prior to 2006 only regular term students were included in the profile.
2. From 2006 through 2013 both regular and distance education students were included in the profile.
3. Beginning in 2014, the following student populations are included in the profile: Beyond Academics,
Consortium/Inter-institutional, Distance Education, International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) Incoming,
Joint Programs, Middle College, Regular Term, and iSchool/FastForward/Learn and Earn Online.
4. Beginning with the Fall 2009 cohort, race categories were modified to align with new federal definitions, as reported by General Administration and IPEDS. Due to these changes complete trend data by race will not be available.

First select the population you want to know about.

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Next select what you want to know about this group. The form is laid out the same way your report will appear.

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